About Borovets

Located at 1300 m above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila Mountains, Borovets is considered as the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria. Easily accessible from the whole country and it is only 73 km from Sofia and 126 km from Plovdiv, Borovets offers excellent opportunities for holidays over the whole year.

During the warm months, Borovets offers marvelous conditions for rest amongst coolness and quietness of the centuries-old coniferous woods, meadows strewn with flowers and herbs, numerous lakes and snowy summits. For the nature fans, the resort is a preferrable place and a starting point of many tourist routes and picnic in the Rila mountains. In the evening, the resort pulses with countless lights of the night life.

Information about Skiing

Resort’s altitude: 1300 m above sea level
The highest skiing point: 2560 m
Marked skiing runs: 58 km 
The longest run: 12 km
Direction of the slopes: C, C3, 3 
Runs for skiing running: 35 km 

Skiing Zones

There are three skiing zones in the skiing resort of Borovets:
Sitnyakovo Skiing Centre – from 1337 m to 1780 m above sea level.
Yastrebets Skiing Centre – from 1340 m to 2369 m above sea level.
Markujik Skiing Centre – from 2144 m to 2550 m 

Facilities for Biatlon

Borovets is the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria whose history dates from 1896. Today Borovets is the biggest Bulgarian centre on the length and capacity of its skiing runs and facilities. It is located in the northern slopes of Musalenski mountain ridge in the east part of the Rila Mountains. Huddled in the centuries-old pine woods at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level, Borovets is the ideal place for winter sports and holidays.

The weather in the resort is mild, winter is mild too and with a lot of snow falls. The average temperature in January – the coldest month is around 4,8°C. the skiing season usually continues from the middle of December to April.

The resort offers excellent opportunities for winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboard, skiing running.

The runs in Borovets offer excellent conditions for snowboard driving. In addition, the higher parts of the Rila mountains – skiing centre Markujik, in high season, the snow cover reaches 2m which creates exclusive opportunity for extreme skiing. CAUTION: Extreme skiing is only for experts

The resort offers excellent conditions for winter conditions: alpine skiing, biathlon, skiing running and snowboard. The marked runs for alpine skiing are of total length of 58 km

The maximal length of the skiing running tracks are 35 km, designed in accordance with the requirements of the International Skiing Federation, with minimal width of 6 m.

Biathlon – in 1993 Borovets hosted the World Biathlon Championship.

Ski jump – in the skiing centre Borovets there is a jumping track for ski jumps, 70 m high.

Ski Runing Tracks

The absolute silence of the mountain space, the dazzling whiteness of the unbeaten snow, clear sky, the fragrance of pines – all that will give you a magic day of skiing in Borovets. The resort offers ski running tracks for long running in “Shiroka Polyana - the Wide Meadow” and “Varnika” 3.3 km and 10 km respectively.